LSHC Ladies First v Cambridge South 1s

Played Home on 8th December 2018
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8th Dec 2018 Mens' 1st - Away vs Cambridge South 1s


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Results have not been great of late, but Sutton have continued to train hard and have been in all but a couple of games that they have played this half season..

The last game for Sutton before Christmas saw the return match at home with Cambs South. Sutton had the fortune of a strong squad of 14 all looking to break the bad run of games with a much needed win. With the encouraging words from Vice captain Gemma just before pushback asking" do you believe?" Sutton started the game brightly and took the game to South, although with the scores tied at 0-0 South did have a break-away and found themselves one on one with keeper Wallis who confidently smothered the danger. A number of short corners followed but again these were dealt with by the corner defence of Tania White, Jinx Walker, Lauren Cooper and Gemma Parr.

Sutton worked the ball up the pitch and won a short corner of their own. With Amber Jones injecting to top of the D, a super strike by Skipper Jo Bland right into the bottom right-hand corner of the goal saw Sutton take the lead. Sutton were keen not to drop too deep, and with Connie and Emmy Gittins working hard in midfield to work the ball up to lone forward Amber Jones who was running intelligently, Sutton soon found themselves in the unusual position of going 2-0 after another super strike, this time from Jinx Walker.

Cambs South came more into the game, pressing high but with Maisie Sullivan back after missing a game, they were unable to break through until the first half was nearing the end, this time a one on one with keeper Wallis favouring the striker. Half-time 2-1 to Sutton!

The second half saw Sutton continuing to work hard and they used the squad intelligently with Lisa Baker slotting in the help the defence and Jess Burton working hard on the left alongside Jemima Dodd, they held South at bay. However, a number of short corners were again awarded against Sutton and they were able to convert one after an unfortunate deflection. But to their credit, this week Sutton did not let their hands drop, they continued to push for a winner. Again using the squad to full effort, Hannah Baker went close, striking the post not once but twice. The dying moments again saw a number of short corners awarded which Sutton defended admirably to end the game with a well -earned point, which although but for the thickness of the post could have been all three, was a fair result!

Man of the match was rewarded to goalkeeper Lorraine Wallis for her cracking saves. Sutton finally looked like they did believe in their performance and the whole squad worked hard and together, going forward into the new year with this new belief will be something exciting to watch. Much to be optimistic about going into the New Year.