LSHC Ladies First v Pelicans 1s

Played Home on 9th February 2019
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 The Ladies took on local rivals Pelicans looking to take revenge for the loss earlier in the season away from home and from the pre-match team talk, everyone was focused. The game, as many do, would come down to the fine details and extra drive at critical moments. With our early high press cutting out the midfield and anything else being immediately snuffed out by the defence standing strong. Just after the 4 minutes in, Sarah Walker tackled the Pelicans player driving through midfield and played the ball to Emmy Gittins. Her run and pass to Amber Jones and quick pass to Connie Gittins allowed her to run at goal outpacing her marker. She confidently slipped the ball past the sliding keeper. Game on. Pelicans tried to come back but it took Pelicans another 10 minutes until they started to penetrate the Long Sutton D. The Pelicans forward who created and scored so dangerously in the previous game was being kept quiet by the man-marking Maisie Sullivan who was never more than a yard away from the frustrated player. Pelicans forced a short corner which became 4 short corners, but all of these were dealt with without a change in the score. Sarah Walker was forced off with a pulled hamstring to be replaced by Rhian Goodge who, playing in an unfamiliar and key role gave her all for the side and ended up with bloodied knees and hands for her commitment. Sutton were consistently finding way through the frustrated Pelicans with Jess Burton shutting down everything and everyone coming down the left flank and Jemima Dodd driving up the left-hand side finding space and players was a constant thorn in the side for the Kings Lynn team. Emmy Gittins, Connie Gittins and Amber Jones were finding space and each other to force chances but none could be finished off successfully. Pelicans forced another short corner on the half hour mark which was again snuffed out however they scored from the breakdown to bring the game back to all-square. Rather than drop heads this gave our girls a push to restore the lead and Jemima Dodd forced a short corner which led to shots from Connie Gittins, Sullivan, Dodd, and Emmy Gittins, frantic defending kept it out. With the clock ticking down Gemma Parr picked the ball up on the 25 and drove through a 2 stick tackles before nutmegging the Pelicans keeper.

 Half time came and a request for another 35 minutes of the same. Early on, Sutton forced a short corner, but it was blown up before the shot came and Pelicans this time had a series of 5 short corners in succession but again, Lorraine Wallis in goal and the 4 defenders literally put their bodies on the line for the team. Hannah Baker replaced Jones and found some great space but saw her shot go just wide of the post. A green card for Long Sutton gave Pelicans a glimmer of hope but this was not to be their day. The best chance they had, saw Lauren Cooper dive across the goal to clear the ball off the line and away from danger. The level of commitment was total. Literally just before the final whistle the final whistle, Pelicans did put the ball in the net, but the whistle had already gone for an offence. The team realized that they can beat anyone when they play with this speed and commitment. It was one of the best performances from this young side.