LSHC Ladies Second v Alford and District 2s

Played Home on 11th November 2018
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Today's re-arranged game started with both sides and spectators observing a two- minute silence.

A green army of 11 started strong as Sally Hoyles, Connie Gittens and Katie Collingwood-Smith moved up the left side of the pitch in a textbook triangle formation. Despite finding Georgina Synnott and Hannah Baker in and around the D, Alford put up a solid defence, quickly turning the tables for a counter attack.

Lucy Smith and Rhian Goodge made light work of Alford's return pressure, remaining strong and sending the ball back into Alford's half. Sutton were dictating the pace and looked the stronger side.

Ten minutes into the game, Jemima Dodd made a confident run up the right-hand side, laying the ball off to Georgina Synnott who delivered a perfect sweep into the D for Hannah Baker to put past Alfords keeper, taking Sutton into the lead.

Alford pushed harder in response and end to end hockey commenced, but the strong direction from captain Lisa Baker saw Sutton come out on top with Ali Monaghan (POM) winning our first short corner. An excellent straight strike from Hannah Baker was unlucky not to find the backboard. Alford finally got their break, finding their way through Sutton's defence and slotting the ball past keeper Emily Braginton's extended left foot to equalize. As the half-time whistle approached, Sutton kept their head as another break found Connie Gittens driving the ball through the centre of the pitch to Hannah Baker who deservedly produced her second goal of the game.

Fuelled by their 2-1 lead, Sutton came out into the second half even stronger and hungry for goals. Their hard work was rewarded.

Katie Collingwood – Smith brought the pressure to Alford and with some quick passing, Ali Monaghan sent the ball from the top of the D whizzing past Alfords Keeper to make it 3-1 to Sutton. Ignited by their expanding lead, Monaghan looked the danger player, firing more shots to test the keeper, who incidentally had a storming game! It was a cross from Synnott that found Collingwood-Smith, allowing her to join today's goal scorers. However, this wasn't enough for young Collingwood- Smith who only moments later found the back of the net yet again taking Sutton to a 5-1 lead!

The game continued in the same vein, keeping Alford's defence busy. After some sound passing and perseverance, Synnott also deservedly added her name to the score sheet. In the final moments, Sutton were awarded another short corner. As the initial formation of play was thwarted, Gemima Dodd mopped up with a superb strike across the D and slipping past the Alford Keeper.

Final score 7-1 to Long Sutton. A great reflection of today's gameplay!