LSHC Ladies Second v Bourne Deeping 3s

Played Away on 3rd November 2018
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3rd Nov 2018 Mens 3rd - Away vs Spalding 5s

Long Sutton's ladies 2's set off bright and early for a long morning in Glinton. With a strong squad of 11 we held our own in the first half of the match leaving our goalkeeper Emily Braginton cold and alone in her D. With hard work and magical triangle work by Lucy Smith, Rihan Googe, Claire Smith, Sally Hoyles and Emma Grosverner the ball managed to get to Lisa Baker who took the team 1-0 up with a great goal. After an encouraging team talk and a lot of sweets, Sutton entered the second half headstrong and prepared for anything. Hannah Baker and Katie Collingwood-smith, after an amazing burst of determination, finished 4 beautiful goals between them but never failed to stop moving even though the game was in our favour. Bounce struck back towards the end with a few swift brakes, but they were soon cleared but by Sutton's defence who did not concede one defending short corner throughout the whole game. We came. We saw. We won. Bring on Horncastle next weekend. 

Report by Emily Braginton.