LSHC Ladies Second v Woodhall Spa 1s

Played Home on 24th November 2018
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Long Sutton went into this taking the Positives from last week and starting with flare in their step. Woodhall Spa arrived with only nine players but Sutton were aware that complacency is not a good thing. So putting this information to one side played an attacking game with some fantastic link-up play down both wings, through Hannah Baker and Rhian Goodge. They kept Claire Collingwood Smith and Georgina Synnott busy with fantastic trough Balls which they fought tirelessly to either keep on the Pitch or away from the fantastic pick of the Woodhall keeper. Eventually, Sutton capitalised through a rebound from Lisa Baker putting them 1-0 up. This settled them for a time and then was followed by Ali Monaghan putting away a perfectly timed cross From Claire Collingwood Smith. The 3rd was from Ali again from a rebound from one of Bakers initial shots. With Sally Hoyles keeping a tight ship in the defensive midfield with the aid of Lucy Smith and Rachael Gadsden Sally Managed to lay off a superb ball to Hannah Baker who made a first-time strike at the top of the D giving them their 4th. Rhian Goodge and Georgina Synnott also managed to score making it 6-0 at halftime.

Sutton came out after the break with the same enthusiasm as the first half, winning a short corner which was saved initially but the rebound fell to the awaiting Georgina Synnott who put it safely away. Rhian Goodge was to score a superb sweeping shot into the top left-hand corner. Woodhall were still attacking as their spirit never left them they managed to win a few short corners which Emily Braginton managed to keep her eye on and deal with ease. Claire Smith took a 16 starting the Play down the left for Lucy to hook up with Rhian where the forwards moved to their posts in readiness for the cross that came from Claire Collingwood-Smith scored her first, followed shortly after by Ali Monaghan in quick succession, now at 10-0. Sutton were still not finished as Lisa Baker Came and finished by clearing up from a rebound from the keeper's pads. Again Woodhall managed to clear their 25 and create another Attacked which only managed to get as far as Rachael Gadsden who came and fired home a shot of her own being kept out by a great save from the Woodhall keeper. Giving them a long corner taken quickly possession was kept and Rhian Fed Hannah the ball once again she managed to score from a first-time strike at the Top of the D. The final score being 12-0 to Long Sutton Ladies 2nd.