LSHC Ladies Second v City Of Peterborough 4ths

Played Home on 8th February 2020
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 Long Suttons' Ladies Second team took on City of Peterborough Ladies Fourths. With Skipper a bit under the weather this week, saviour Lorraine Wallis stood in goal for her this weekend, she had high eyebrow standards to live up to! Sutton started strong, with Grosvenor and Southgate giving strength in the midfield, intercepting balls and sending them through to Whitelam and Canham. Canham always making herself available in the attacking 25, dropping back when she was needed. When Peterborough did break, the defensive dynamite of Claire Smith, Lucy Smith, Julie Skate and super screen Lynne Braginton where there to help Wallis out. With Claire Smith's big hit sending the ball back through to the midfield. Synnott and Sarah Skate working hard on the wings, staying wide for the defence to get balls out to them, using their pace to chase balls down. Dack coming on for the wings and Arnold showing versatility between the wing and defence, both players showing off their ever-developing confidence, getting involved with tackles and clearing balls. Despite the hard work and determination of the team, a ball found its way past the keeper. Skipper gave her team a boost at half time, along with a jelly baby or two, the ladies where ready to go again. The second half began, POTM Lynne Braginton, inspired by her Daughters words of wisdom got stuck in. Always there, fighting to win the ball and she had some cracking blocks too. Julie Skate and Lucy Smith also working hard winning the ball back for the team. Despite having some cracking runs and showing she can be a chatterbox on and off the pitch, Whitelam spent most of the second half on the floor. Another lucky ball made it past Wallis. The game ended 2-0 to Peterborough. Well fought again this weekend Ladies! Regardless of the score, the teamwork and game play within the team improves every single week. You are all queens on and off the pitch!