LSHC Ladies Second v Bourne Deeping 2nds

Played Away on 17th October 2020
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17th Oct 2020 Ladies 1st - Home vs Spalding 1sts


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The team were in a buoyant mood at the start of the game with the return of the injured captain Braginton to the pack but still missing a couple of core players it was a nervy start that saw them go down 1-0 within the first five minutes. The early goal set the tone of the match as BDHC were well organised in attack leaving the defence too often snapping at their heels and a further two goals followed. Smith and J Skate worked tirelessly hounding attackers and were rewarded when a loose ball was then fired through the middle for Long Sutton to capitalise on with the first goal of the season going to Wendy Canham. There were other positive passages of play that saw Sutton sniff the goal again with Immi Cooper trying to create space in the D only to be thwarted when Bourne Deeping once again retrieved the ball. Despite the continued dogged determination of the team with two players limping off injured the second half continued the same way. Synott, Whitelam and S Skate kept working back and forth to defend and attack but the well trained BD added a further 4 to their tally. Dog tired but still with a spring in their step the team will press pause next week but will continue to push for a win. POM Wendy Canham and Lottie Dack