LSHC Ladies Second v Louth 2nds

Played Away on 31st October 2020
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On a windy, wet and generally grey day the Ladies 2s took a road trip to the land of Louth. The game started brightly with Sutton winning a short corner. Hales was just wide of the mark and Louth were quick to counter. The game was evenly matched with some good linking play from Leuty, Whitelam and Cooper but it was Louth who scored on the break, over running the Sutton d with players. The defence kept their heads up though and some cracking saves from E Braginton kept them in the game going into half time at 1-0.

Again the second half started with early pressure from Sutton utilising the wings and winning a second short corner but the Leuty strike was smothered and despite picking up the rebound Sutton couldn't capitalise and found themselves defending a short. Sutton struggled to break through the solid Louth defence and big hitting from the back put them under further pressure and sidelined Cooper. With L Smith,J Skate, C Smith, Hunt and Hales absorbing the pressure of numerous shorts they eventually succumbed to a second goal from Louth that was hacked through after some phenomenal Braginton keeping. This saw the second injury of the game as Sutton now keeperless continued for the last six minutes determined to play it out. Louth were held at bay as Canham, S Skate and Synott took up a more defensive stance too and a final late goal from open play saw Louth run out at 3-0 winners. POM was Emily Braginton