LSHC Mens' First v Bury St Edmonds 1s

Played Away on 19th January 2019
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For the second time in three weeks Sutton played Bury as the anomalies of fixture rearrangements showed their hand. The side travelled to the top of the table team on the back of a good run of recent form and so whilst expecting a hard game feared nothing. The first 18 minutes of the game are a blur to the Reporter after his German Sat-Nav decided to offer an early Brexit and embarked him on a journey toward the continent via Felixstowe! It is reported that the team were under pressure throughout this period. Slowly Sutton managed to assert themselves in the game and whilst never on top in relation to possession and territory the outstanding players on the pitch were the 4 Sutton defenders and the Sutton goalie Brad Whitmore; Stef Fox and Harry Synott along with the Tom-Toms; Baguley and Burton were never lost even when encountering the mazy routes shown to them by the Bury forwards. The game looked like it would be goalless at half time and then Josh Baker ran into the ‘D' and earned a short corner which would be the last action of the half. Jacob Synott injected like a Transfusion Nurse, Tom Baguley stopped like a teenager on their driving test and Baker finished like a bloke from Helsinki! 1-0 at half time – to be fair if you looked up ‘against the run of play' in the dictionary it would say…………………….Bury St Edmunds 0 Long Sutton 1 at half time. The second half was a little different; yes Bury pushed forward but Sutton were comfortable and organised in the defence, Fox and Baguley organised their young charges superbly and once again this young team grew together – the evolution since the first game of the season is something Creationists would deny but the evidence is indisputable and they deserve the credit and plaudits they are receiving now. Indeed not only did they hold on to their lead throughout the second half but the lead could have been doubled if Hagan's one on one with the keeper had played out differently. Final score 1-0 – a fair reward for a great defensive performance with the whole team playing well.