LSHC Mens' First v St Ives 1s

Played Away on 2nd March 2019
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2nd Mar 2019 Mens' 2nd - Home vs Wisbech 3s


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 In their penultimate away game of the season Sutton travelled to St Ives, a venue where they have historically come away with very little; today was no different. The game started at a low key end of season pace with both defences dealing with anything thrown at them, and the game meandered through the first half. St Ives were given some good Short Corner training by Sutton following some feet, back sticks and even argumentative play but they failed to convert any of them due to the organisation of the defence and some excellent work by Whitmore in goal. Fox and Baguley worked hard organising the defence with Batten and Ellis working intelligently in midfield, Taylor and Oldfield came off the bench and fitted in with the team formation and half time arrived with the score 0-0. The temperature dropped at half time and this appeared to make Sutton raise their game, Baker made runs from midfield and created a chance for Batten which he deflected wide; however any hope of Sutton building the pressure was thwarted when the double act of Baguley and Fox became Morcombe and not so Wise for a while as Captain Fox spent some time on the naughty step; Sutton remained resolute and did not concede. Batten worked hard and ran down a lost cause to create a chance for Canham, who with great precision managed to pick out the covering defender rather than the much easier option of the back of the net! Still 0-0. Markillie replaced Fox on the naughty step and then after good work from Ellis, Josh Baker finished well to give Sutton the lead. Sadly Sutton held onto the lead like a wet eel and a speculative pass through the centre eluded Harry Synott and the scores were level again. St Ives pressed forward and after a further string of short corners the law of averages finally had its say and Sutton concede from a well worked slip routine to give the home side a 2-1 lead with 2 minutes to go. All that was left to do was shake hands, eat teas and go home empty handed! No points but a far closer game than first time round as the improvement over the season was evident, however the usual return from an away game at St Ives was achieved .