LSHC Mens' First v Cambridge Nomads 1s

Played Away on 16th March 2019
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16th Mar 2019 Ladies 1st - Home vs Cambridge Nomads 1s


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Eiður Guðjohnsen

Penultimate game of the season and a windy day in Cambridge against title chasing Nomads was on the menu for Suttons travelling team of youth and eternal youth. With legendary tales of yore involving swan dives and full kit abound in the dressing room, the 12 men of Sutton took to the pitch with a new formation of 4-1-4-1; a tactical masterpiece not to be confused with Man United's recent away form! Nomads started well and seemed to work out Sutton's new system quicker than Sutton did, carving out 6 short corners in the first 15 minutes but the frugal Sutton defence defended them well and the score remained 0-0. Fox, Baguley, Burton and newly restored Oldfield withstood everything thrown at them as the midfield and defence gradually grew into the game; Sutton continued to come into the game and even despite Baker having a little break on the naughty step chances were made. Ellis moved into Central midfield, where the rested Batten was absent, and ensured the cockney playmaker was not missed – you can not put an old head on young shoulders but you can put Eider Gudjohnsen's head onto ancient shoulders and like a tall, thin, Icelandic Geppetto he started to pull the strings expertly. Chances were made and missed, including an open goal that will keep Canham awake all night; then it arrived, Jacob Synott worked well , not for the first time, and from the corner Canham scored from an unconventional drag. 1-0 Playing into the head wind. Sutton pushed on with Taylor, Markillie. Jacob Synott and Ellis particularly impressive as well as the returning Cliff who as ever was imperious in goal. Half time came 1-0. The usual Captain Fox clarion cry was heard with back up from the senior team members as the side prepared for a renewed push from the team with no home. Sutton weathered the storm well and used the wind as a 12th man intelligently as the half meandered on; then someone turned back time……………………………………… Whilst his influence on the game had grown over the course of the half, no one was prepared for what came next from the Veteran Nick Ellis, with a mazy run reminiscent of Archie Gemmill against Holland in 1978 he glided past 4 Nomads defenders and flicked the ball goalwards and whilst Joe Jordan did not steal Archie's goal in 1978, Sam Markillie did nip in and poach this one! The spectators went wild and Ellis received a standing ovation, led by Uncle Bob the only man still alive to remember Ellis scoring a goal as good as this previously! 2-0 Nomads rallied and yet another short finally paid dividends for them, after a well worked routine resulted in a goal despite good work from Cliff. 2-1 Sutton are nothing if not resilient though and after pushing back up the pitch an ‘improvised' short routine from Baker and Canham resulted in Baker finishing in the corner. 3-1 The play continued to swing end to end but the scoreboard was not bothered any further and Sutton came away with a well deserved 3-1 victory.