LSHC Mens' First v City Of Peterborough 3rds

Played Away on 23rd November 2019
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Sutton travelled to their reversed fixture at Peterborough with a squad of 12 to be met by the news that there had clearly been a mix up regarding umpires and so none were in attendance. After attempts to find replacements it was decided that a qualified umpire from each team would officiate the game, leaving Peterborough with 14 and Sutton with 11 players. The Sutton 11 started well with good running and movement combining with committed defending and although the Peterborough side started the game higher up the table than Sutton they were matched by the visitors. Peterborough did take the lead in the first half although this did not deter Sutton with Fox in midfield, Harry Synott at the back, East on the wing and Taylor up front having particularly good games. Half time came and minor tweaks were made and these worked in the second half as Sutton equalised through a stand out Baker finish, an excellent finish past the experienced Peterborough keeper. Peterborough raised their game again and following some pressure, short corners were won and they managed to score a second goal. The 11 men of Sutton went again and had chances to score but it wasn't to be. Another defeat for the team but an excellent performance from the side.