LSHC Mens' First v UEA 1sts

Played Away on 30th November 2019
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7th Dec 2019 Mens' 1st - Away vs Kettering 1sts


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Sutton travelled to UEA for another game on the road in Norfolk. As is always the case when you play Uni teams – you never know what you are going to get, either a cast of 1000's of fit focused players or 11 players recovering from a hangover. This week we got the former! Sutton were short of a number of regular faces but were grateful to Jack Smith for stepping up to help out and Will White for travelling back from Uni himself to play. Sutton started resolutely and defended well however after 14 minutes the students found the answer key to the test and used it to breach the Sutton defence 5 times in the first half. To be honest it could have been more if it had not been for Brad Whitmore who was inspired in the Sutton goal. The second half started but within 5 minutes there was an incident where Josh Baker took an accidental stick to the eye resulting in him being shocked, bruised and dazed. At this point, your Sports correspondent became the Green Army News health correspondent and missed the rest of the game due to visiting Norwich Hospital minor injuries department! The captain has made me aware that the final score was 9-1 with Suttons goal being scored by Jacob Synott after good work by Alex Canham and Will Taylor and it could have been worse if not for Whitmore in goal who made many saves and a fantastic stick save from a flick. Finally it must be reported that the battle weary Baker is OK but bruised after his ‘interesting' afternoon.