LSHC Mens' First v Kettering 2nds

Played Away on 31st October 2020
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31st Oct 2020 Mens' 2nd - Home vs Spalding 2nds


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Ricky Gervais

This week Sutton embarked on their second away trip of the season. It was a big chance for the side to make a statement to the league after a few scary results. However, the only thing scary about this match was that it marked the beginning of adulthood for Josh Baker. Yes, that's right, an adult! For this game, the 1st team welcomed back two former stalwarts, who, after the forays in the 2nd team, had earned their promotion back into the side. Tom "I promise I'm not an alcoholic" Burton and Will "mullet man" Taylor were back! They proved to be an extra boost for the team in both the centre and defensive departments. The game started at lightning speed with mullet man winning the sides first penalty corner, which was cool put away by Fyson to add an early dent into Kettering hopes. Not long after, 1 became 2 when a mazy run from Batten meant he was able to provide Sargeant with his first of the game. From here the goals went silent for a short while, with Sutton out of possession for large parts, yet the defence of Holmes, Oldfield, Jimmy and Mr Parkside kept the home side relatively quiet. A few short corners were defended and saved well by Braginton in this time, also displaying the sides strength in defence, as well as offence. After a short break in the half for an injury stoppage, Sutton came out firing again. Before this stoppage Baker had been misfiring, to out it lightly. Rumour has it Dorothy's gnome garden in Wellingborough gained a guest appearance from the match ball after Baker sent it into orbit on his backhand. However, it gave time for him to refresh and it meant Baker was able to snatch his first of the game after brilliant work from Fyson and Batten. One shot added to the chumba wumba! HT 3-0 The second half began as the first ended, with Sutton showing more dominance. This time they put on display the fire power of their wide players. Sargeant, WKD, Ellis and Synnott all bolstered Sutton's arsenal. It was with this excellent wing play and attacking transition from the back that would bring about the fourth goal for Sargeant to tuck away. Harrison, Oldfield, Synnott, WKD and Mullet man provided the side with the team goal of the season, an excellent display of their dominance. Soon after, Baker scored his second, after practically putting the ball into the empty goal. Second shot added to the chumba wumba. He didn't help himself as 2 shots soon became 3 after he managed to keep a loose ball in play and he finished with aplomb afyer being so close to the line he was practically in the goal himself. The half was coming to an end but... What's this?! A wild Luke Proctor has entered the pitch! A tasty little 10 minute cameo from the man gave Sutton an extra bit of fire in their bellys which helped bring about, aided by work from Fyson and Sargeant, a penalty flick to finish the scoring for the green army. Baker stepped up and secured shot number 4 for the chumba wumba. Kettering were able to steal 2 goals for their effort L's at the death but overall it was a dominant display by the men in green. A revitalised side reclaimed their top spot after a much improved performance. After the game, Harrison was awarded motm, presumably after bribing the Skipper to give him the pity points!