LSHC Mens' First v City Of Peterborough 4ths

Played Away on 4th December 2021
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11th Dec 2021 Ladies 2nd - Away vs St Neots 5ths

A late push back and a wet windy weather day was on the cards for long Sutton's men's 1st as the traveled to Peterborough's 4s. What was suppose to be a squad of 12 turned to a squad of 11 loosing Jackson some 30 minutes before the start.

Shaken but undeterred Sutton were looking to take the game to the hosts and started brightly and looked to make there statement to the hosts and the boisterous home crowd. It wouldn't be long till the point had been made with a neat finish from a tight angle from Josh Fyson and then some 2 minutes later no to be out done from a similarly tight angel Josh Baker added his goal of the game with a neat reverse. Crowd silenced! The half would continue mostly in Sutton's favour with Proctor Sargeant and Baker all coming close. Peterborough would relcaim a goal late in the first half after picking a loose ball and finishing high into the roof of the goal. Half time 2-1 Sutton.

The second half was a disjointed affair as like in the first decisions that prehaps should've gone our way didn't and tempers frailed. Sargeant and baker both spending time off for this on separate ocassions. For this pressure mounted for Sutton as legs tired they were now spending more time defending than attacking and in unfortunate circumstances (more decisions going the opposite way) Peterborough would not only equalise but also take the lead. 3-2 and 4 minutes seemed to spark a sense of urgency with Sutton and a high press from the side soon started to see out comes. With a short corner at end of play the first was placed on the first runners foot and so a retake was to follow and then with a neat move fyson calmly flicked the ball into the backboard to deny the home side the 3 points and a bitter sweet point for the men in green.

A game of what ifs. A game that showed true fight in the men who were on there last legs towards the end to get their first away points of the season. The men now look to end the first half of the season on a high as they travel to spalding next week.