LSHC Mens' Second v Alford and District 1s

Played Home on 3rd November 2018
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3rd Nov 2018 Mens' 1st - Away vs Pelicans 1s

 Sutton 2nd team looked to continue their fine form but complacency was the fault line factor the lead to sharing of the points 2 quick goals from fyson saw Sutton taking a comfortable to lead before Alford took one back only to have Hagan restore the 2 goal lead going into the break. 3-1 Sutton half time. Sutton never got underway in the second half and 2 scrappy goals from Alford midway is all to be said of the second half in the first points for Sutton to drop this season. they hope to perform better next week against bottom of the table wisbech.