LSHC Mens' Second v Kettering 2s

Played Home on 23rd February 2019
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Ricky Gervais

A dominating sutton side make light work of Kettering on home soil.

After a somewhat lacklustre performance against Alford & District the week before the Sutton boys were determined to put on a show for the home crowd.

It wasn't long before Luke Jackson opened up the score, assist with a perfect pass from Brad Sargent, Jackson turning over the keeper and slapping the ball into the back of the net. 10 mins on, MOM Jimmy Harrison delivered a neat ball through to Jackson once more and Jackson out pacing the Kettering defence and fire a second goal home. 2-0.

It would fall to Josh Fyson to out do Jackson's double with a outstanding hat-trick! All three shots filled with venom and slowly damped Kettering's fighting spirit.

Kettering manage a confusing consolation goal after Sutton's defence and keeper under the impression play had paused. However Sutton bounced straight back with a thunderous finish from returning player Tyler Hagan. 6-1.

The nail was truly hammered in Kettering's coffin when James Collingwood Smith somewhat assuming finish saw the ball and his stick launched into the back of the net. 7-1.

A solid team effort, Great communication and all round euphoric performance.