LSHC Mens' Second v Cambridge South 5ths

Played Home on 26th March 2022
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22 Games played, 20 games won, 1 game drawn, 11 clean sheets kept, 800 miles travelled, 25 players selected and 100 goals scored! With the title and promotion in the bag, Long Sutton 2nds entertained a travelling Cambridge side who turned up with a squad of 13 and in good spirit determined to play a good natured game of hockey. Sutton had a squad of 13, with Josh Norey and Ian White joining the side from the 3rd team. Hales slotted into the back 3 and was joined by the returning Baguley and Clarke who with OPTA stat keeper Sisson maintained the teams miserly approach to giving away goals with their determined defending. The midfield axis of Ed White and Stef Fox once again bickered their way to dominance as they perfected their impression of Dick Dastardly and Muttley, whilst the new bromance of Batten and Will White continued to grow Watt covered every blade of Astro on the pitch and was ably assisted in these endeavours by Forrest, meanwhile Canham lead the line well whilst doing a convincing impression of a Picket Line Crosser as in front of goal he looked nothing like a Striker! Cambs South started resolutely in a game played in good spirits, however it was not long before a short corner brought a lead through a fine finish from Batten. Sutton then began to dominate and it was not long before Canham scored a second only to decide that he had seen a foot earlier in the move so asked the umpire to give a 16 instead – a sporting generous move from a man about to go on a famine for the rest of the game! Cambs defended well and their makeshift keeper worked admirably to keep the score at half time to 3-0 with goals coming from the youthful Josh Norey and the not so youthful Ian White. Fox gave one of his usual Shakespearean half time speeches and with veni vidi vici ringing in their ears the champions elect began to build their lead. Batten, having attended a yoga class on the sideline in the first half, returned with inner peace and enlightenment in relation to his goal scoring to add his second. Whilst Sutton began to dominate, the game was still played in good spirits and with some good hockey from both sides, Suttons top scorers going into this game, Canham, Ed White and Fox were so filled with the spirit of compassion that they made it their goal not to cause the opposition pain by adding to their tally; whereas the bromance of Batten and Will White were keen to score aplenty! With Watt not wanting to go away with an empty plate either! And then there was Ian White, who even 38 years into his hockey career still manages to surprise you! The deft touch for his second goal had the look of a Nick Bailey to it and his 7 minutes on the pitch with his two sons, Ed and Will who have been mainstays of the team all season were great to watch and a welcome reaffirmation that nice things can still happen to nice people! I must also say his announcement of his retirement after the game, gave me the chance to write the words ‘the retiring Ian White' which I would wager no one else has in 38 years of reporting his hockey career! The final score was 11-0, Batten got 5 of them, Will White 2, Ian White 2 and Watt and Norey one each, the guys up from the 3rds played well and the landmark of 100 goals was reached – but more importantly some great blokes had a great time playing a sport they love!