LSHC Mens' Third v Leadenham 3s

Played Away on 6th October 2018
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6th Oct 2018 Mens' 2nd - Away vs City of Peterborough 6s


Josh Norey profile


Sutton faced Leadenham on Saturday and went away feeling confident about the game. The 3rds has Josh Norey playing his first game and he was able to keep running and getting into great positions giving us options on how we wanted to play. Soon into the first half James Collingwood Smith ran into the circle and did a reverse shot that went right past the keeper and gave us our first goal. Shortly after James had another run into the circle but passed the ball across the D to Josh Woodrow who put the ball in the bottom corner out of the keeper reach. Leaden had a few attacks but our defence stood strong and had Jack Braginton tackling at the back and bringing the ball to the halfway line to distribute. We had Josh Baker in goal for us and he did some amazing saves keeping the ball out of the goal all half. Before the end of the half, we got a short corner and Will white injected and got it straight back and made it 3-0 at halftime. In the second half, Leadenham were able to get one goal but Sutton fought back and Jack Smith with was able to get two goals in the second half and this ended the game at 5-1 to Sutton. 

Report by Jack Smith