LSHC Mens' Third v Louth 2s

Played Home on 17th November 2018
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 Sutton were facing Louth who beat us last time we played them when we only had 10 men, so Sutton were aiming to show them what they can do with a full team. Sutton faced a struggle from the start not having three players, Adam Pack, McKenzie East and Captain Jack Smith who were unable to play for the 3s this week. Either with this Sutton were able to put out a strong team. Early on Sutton showed they were the better team by getting the ball through to players and the defence standing strong in tackles. Sutton were given a short corner and Jon Goodley pulled the ball out to Ian White who shoots and slams the ball against the backboard tanking is to 1-0. Shortly after Sutton got another short corner and again Jon passes straight to Ian who passes from the top of the D to Jon who pulls the ball behind his back and into the near post taking us to 2-0. Then Josh Norey won us a penalty flick and John Sullivan took it and it was saved by the keeper. Not even 5 minutes after this John strikes the ball from the top of the D and scores taking the score to 3-0 at Halftime. During the second half, Sutton's defence was put to the test, with Albert Slaytor making great saves after great save. After lots of attacks, Louth had tied up the game and made 3-3. In the last 2 minutes if the game Charlie Roberts won us a short corner by taking a ball to the back of the leg from a defenders stick. This was the chance for Sutton to take the lead. The ball was pulled out and Ian White strikes it puts another one away taking the score to 4-3 to Sutton. Somehow Louth were able to make one last break and get past our defence to get one last goal leaving the score 4-4.