LSHC Mens' Third v Leadenham 3s

Played Away on 24th November 2018
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24th Nov 2018 Mens' 1st - Home vs Cambridge Nomads 1s

This week Sutton were the underdogs from the start only having 8 men playing for us, for this, I would like to thank all of them for doing a great job in a hard game.

To start Sutton play well together and got the ball around the Leadenham players and had a few runs forward into there 25 area. After some of these runs as we expected Leadenham used their numbers to try and overload or defence while attacking, but the defence stood strong and kept blocking the attacks and the ones that got through James Cliff cleared the balls and got saves in. Leadenham got one shot off and managed to beat Cliff and give them the lead. From our 16's Leadenham has a highly press so made passing out hard but Jack Smith was able to find a few gaps and through aerial passes into space in Leadenham a half to tame the pressure off us. Leadenham got a short corner and were able to convert this to a goal. During the second half, Adam Sisson was getting into great positions and Ian White was getting balls through to him, but the numbers of Leadenham made it hard to get any plays through. But Sutton were able to keep all of Leadenham a shots and attacks out. During the last 5 minutes, Leadenham had 5 short corners in a row and Sutton kept stopping them but in the last attempt, they were able to break through and end the game with a 3-0 loss for Sutton.