LSHC Mens' Third v Leadenham 3s

Played Home on 9th February 2019
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 This week Sutton faced Leadenham and went out wanting a win to put them to 4th place in the table. The game started very even with both teams getting attacks and the defence stopping them. Through these Leadenham were able to overload the defence on a counter attack and make the score 1-0. The rest of the first half was very similar to the start. The start of the second half Sutton went out wanting a goal, we kept attacking and we started to get shots off in the D and get short corners from these. From this Jon Goodley was able to get a goal and make the score 1-1 and making the game even again. Sutton now needed a goal and kept attacking McKenzie East was getting good runs into the D but wasn't able to convert them. In the last 2 minuets of the game Sutton was awarded a short corner and. The ball was injected out to Ian White who slipped the ball left to John Sullivan who hits one into the bottom corner and making the score 2-1. For the last minuet Sutton stood strong and didn't let any balls through into our 25 and then the game ended 2-1. Man of the match was awarded to Josh Woodrow.