LSHC Mens' Third v Bourne Deeping 5s

Played Away on 2nd March 2019


Jack Smith profile


This week Sutton went away to play top of the table side Bourne Deeping 5ths with no keeper available Captin Jack Smith stepped up and played in goal. The game started and it looked pretty even until Bourne got a short corner were able to put it in the bottom corner. Making it 1-0 only a few minutes after this Mckenzie East took a sideline hit from the halfway line and aerial the ball into the D and it bounced once and Jon Goodley smashed it into the net. Soon after Bourne kept getting short corners and were able to convert two of these and ended the half 3-1. The start of the second half Bourne kept attacking and were getting shots off but Smith was able to save them. Sutton then were able to get some good attacks through and got through to the D and won a few short corners but were not able to convert them. Bourne were then awarded a penalty flick, Smith went the right way but just could not get his stick to it and made the score 4-1. Then again they then got another short corner and put it bottom corner. Then another penalty flick was award to Bourne but Smith went the right way again and slapped it away with his glove stopping the goal. Bourne then got 2 more goals from short corners ending the game 6-1. MOM was awarded to Jack Smith.