LSHC Mens' Third v Bourne Deeping 5ths

Played Home on 22nd March 2022


Daniel Simpson profile


A beautiful sunny day set the scene for a cracking evening of hockey for this rearranged game. From the start it looked as though it would be a crowd pleaser with plenty of pace, contest and some skills from both sides.

Initially both sides took a little time to get into their groove as Sutton players cautiously formed partnerships and tested their trust in each other. With numbers on the bench though they were able to play at pace and give it everything to chase balls down and create scoring chances. BDHC took the game to Sutton for the first fifteen and the defence of Croxford, Jack Smith, Milnes and Josh Smith supported by the midfield were able to stem most attacks before they got into the D, when they were breached Braginton was there to ensure they didn't find the back board.

An injection of pace from Daniel Simpson in midfield and Jake Simpson at the back soon saw some balls being neatly played to Norey and Ed Hales. Both had a chance and Hales forced the keeper to scramble a save. The first short corner went to Sutton and despite two shots on target somehow the ball stayed out. This gave BD the motivation to attack and it was the clearance of Jack Smith that may well have grazed the umpire on its way to safety. The deadlock it seemed, couldn't be broken.

With a half time that focussed players on using the width of the pitch as opposed to route 1 down the middle and a clear commitment to raise their game, Sutton dominated possession in the second half. M Braginton caused a nuisance up front and A Croxford used his pace to close players down. Forrest put his normal physical all into the game, T Croxford ate up the ground and Hales senior benefitted from the hard work put in by all to score the first goal.

Bourne Deeping had also benefitted from the break though and the running of their youngsters down the right wing started to cause a few problems for Sutton. It was one of these runs that led to the equaliser. The team immediately responded from the pushback in the best way possible with a ball drilled from Hales to A Croxford who crossed for a great drive in by Josh Norey who struck as he stepped in the D and found the bottom corner. A well deserved first goal of the season. As the game progressed the Simpson boys showed some quality skills and the youngster of the team Eddie Hales caught hold of a great pass through that just deflected wide of the goal. Pressure was on and BD were hunting for another goal. T Croxford denied them the opportunity as he took a turnover ball past a brace of players and got his pass away to G Hales to finish to make the score 3-1. The pace didn't ease though and Josh Smith and Milnes used some smart tactical awareness to prevent BD capitalising on their chances. A nonchalant save from Alfie Braginton showed the confidence he has gained over the season.

It could be argued that Norey deserved a flick for a wipeout by the BD keeper the other end and there were a fractious few minutes. With some classy saves by Braginton, a near miss from Jerm the threat was contained and Sutton turned the play around again. A great reverse shot from Daniel Simpson was batted away by the keeper and Matt Braginton felt a little aggrieved not to make anything of it. Just before the final whistle he got a touch from an Adam Croxford cross and goal 4 sealed the win for Sutton. POM Daniel Simpson