LSHC Ladies Second v Bourne Deeping 3s

Played Home on 16th February 2019
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Long Sutton hosted Bourne Deeping 3rds at home today after having an extra week off due to the weather last week. So were nervous at start of the first half. Having said that they soon settled and found their way. The forwards Rebecca Hales, Georgina Synnott and Lynne Braginton were joined by POTM Charlene Leuty (her first game back this season) worked tirelessly but were not successful with their attempts at goal. They did win plenty of short corners the first of which Alison Monoghan had a well-timed first time strike but it was too high. Claire Collingwood Smith joined the force while George had a quick drink and a deserved break. Sutton then re-grouped to put pressure on again through the right midfield Sally Hoyles who managed to feed a ball through the D but the forwards were unlucky to get on the end of it. The pressure was maintained by Emma Grosvenor supporting Ali and Sally, who fed the ball through to George who managed to win a short corner, from which the ladies managed to convert through Charlie's first time strike while. Sutton were 1-0 up, the defenders Emma, Rachael Gadsden, Claire Smith, Lucy smith and the Keeper Emily Braginton making sure Sutton kept that clean sheet denying Bourne their chances on the short corners that they won.

Sutton were told at half time that they needed to keep their head's, as the game would be far from over. Bourne came out with intent to weave through Sutton but the small change at the back had worked well but as they fell quiet had to be changed back so Rachael could again lead them from the back. Sutton worked tirelessly to win short corners and get some fantastic crosses into the D but to no avail. Finally, they did find the goal through returning Johanna Bland who keeping a cool head in a busy D, calmly just lifted the ball over the keeper, putting Sutton 2-0. Suttons heads lifted from this moment and were unlucky not to score a 3rd through Claire Collingwood Smith who hit the post. Bourne managed to make a breakthrough and win a short corner late in the second half but Sutton managed to maintain their composure and avoid conceding before the final whistle. Giving them the win 2-0.