LSHC Mens' First v Pelicans 1s

Played Home on 16th February 2019
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Sutton's return to home ground was greeted by a good sized supportive crowd for the ‘King John' Derby game against Pelicans, who turned up with a good sized squad and their own fans offering support. The game was well contested and physical but not dirty and enjoyable as a spectacle, however whilst it was high on passion and hard work it was low on goals. Sutton started well and whilst the Pelicans front line kept Brad Whitmore honest in the Sutton goal this well drilled Sutton backline of Fox, Baguley, Harry Synott, Rambo Burton and Dan Oldfield were not tested until just before half time and likewise as pretty as some of Suttons hockey was during the build up the last clinical passage of play was missing and when opportunities were forged the goalkeeper stood firm. The game meandered towards half time and then 30 seconds from the whistle Sutton were undone………………………………in a classic Ropa-dope manoeuvre Suttons midfield charged forward in attack as if they were Usain Bolt on an Olympic running track, only to be more reminiscent of Mr Blobby on a bouncy castle when tracking the counter attack back. Blameless Dan Oldfield was left exposed two on one and Sutton left the field at half time one nil down. The half time team talk reflected the frustration of the late goal concession but as usual the boys dusted themselves down and went again; Cheered on by the home crowd with their usual mix of Mummys and Zombies it was no surprise to those that follow the team that they were the team to start the second half well and after Alex Canham stole the ball in midfield and played it through to Dan Batten who showed the clinical eye of a sponsored athlete and emphatically finished to make the score 1-1. Sutton then felt that climbing a mountain was the sort of thing that should be done more than once and set themselves their own twin peaks challenge by conceding a goal straight away to hand the lead back to Pelicans. Censorship laws restrict how much description can be given of the errors leading up to the goal, but suffice to say no children or animals were hurt in its execution. Sutton came back but it was not going to happen for them again despite the crowds continued support and their excellent team play, chances came and went, green cards came and went, good saves came and went, finally the final whistle came and everyone went off into the fenland sunset to think about what they had done and to remember not to do it again anytime soon!